Sensify is a leading global provider of Internet of Things solutions designed to remotely track, monitor, trace, control, manage, verify and secure fixed and mobile assets.

The Sensify IoT Cloud Platform for Moving Assets provides item level visibility along the supply chain in real-time enabling, manufacturers, logistics companies and rental equipment businesses to protect and preserve the value of their cargos and assets.

Our solutions are proven with marquee customers in key markets including Paramount Pictures, KTZ Express, the Getty House and Krispy Kreme.

Sensify Solutions


Sensify AssetTrace, our RFID and sensor-based software solution, allows companies to manage thousands of assets in real-time wherever distributed across multiple locations providing full visibility for the enterprise, saving thousands of dollars of unnecessary cost and facilitating new revenue generating business models.


Our solution is Powered by SAP Hana TM


Sensify is a global provider of two way Satellite Communication-based in-transit and cargo monitoring solutions – delivering real-time visibility and intelligence on the location, status and more of high-value assets in transit anywhere around the world.


Sensify Telematics is a market leader in the vehicle and fleet telematics business.  We offer state of the art on-board diagnostics, real-time HD video tracking and monitoring and driver behaviour coaching supported by sophisticated analytics providing our customers with the most advanced platform available in the market today.


Sensify’s customer KTZ Express

Sensify GlobalView provided the security tracking solution for KTZ Express’s container shipping solution from Chongqing to Duisburg in Germany along the SilkRoad for it’s customer HP.

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Sensify Holdings Structure

Sensify Holding Limited GB

Sensify Holdings Limited

Sensify Holdings is the UK holding company of a global group of companies utilising Internet of Things technology.  Our solutions are focused on asset visibility, tracking and security utilising RFID, sensors, telematics, HD camera tracking and Satellite communications and other Internet of Things technologies.  Our solutions are hosted on the SAP Hana platform, providing our clients with the support of a Global 500 multinational.

sensify inc us

Sensify (US) Inc.

Sensify (US) Inc offers the Sensify group products in the US market.  Our key customers include Paramount Pictures Corp’n,  the Getty House,  Philips, Ahold USA and Surefire.

Sensify Spain SL

Sensify Spain SL

Sensify Spain manages a software development centre for the Group and sales, marketing and implementation for the Sensify product and solution suite in Spain, Portugal and IberoAmerica.

Sensify is a recognised leading global supplier of asset and inventory tracking and management solutions, leveraging telematics, HD cameras, barcode, RFID, GPS, and other sensor-based technologies.

Sensify’s solutions provide real-time visibility of high-value and mission-critical assets in a location, greater efficiencies in inventory management and asset allocation and monitoring of the location and condition of assets while on the move around the globe.

Sensify serves an impressive list of clients including high-tech, media, fleet management companies, the healthcare sector, aerospace and defense industries, and retail, transportation, logistics, among others.