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Real-time HD Camera Tracking and Telematics

Sensify Telematics offers the world’s most advanced 3G camera tracking solutions

Sensify Advanced 3G Camera Package

Product & System Overview

The Sensify video telematics system is an on board GPS/3G HD camera which can be fitted to any vehicle and offers full telemetry data over the mobile phone network.

The video footage and clarity is of the highest quality. High level events are automatically downloaded to a server following and incident/collision, with medium and low level events available to be uploaded upon request via the portal.

Access to the stored data is only permitted to authorised person. Videos are stored in the event of a triggered incident or accident, with continuous video footage stored to the internal SD card (automatically overwritten after a pre-determined time – subject to memory size).

  • Sensify 3G Vehicle Camera
  • HD quality video footage of high, medium, low level incidents and accidents are available within minutes from the scene, as well as track reports, vehicle/driver behaviour league tables and timesheet validation reports
  • Mobile Phone Application (Android/IOS)
  • Monthly data/airtime allowance (UK & European Roaming)
  • Training and on-going support
  • Professional Installation
  • 3 Year Warranty


  • Full HD Video – Automatically uploaded.
  • High level Video Review – Ability to see high level events.
  • Track Report – Latest known position and status of your vehicles.
  • Web-Enabled User Interface- Email notification that an event has occurred.
  • High level alert listing and mapping – Provides users with the ability to see list of high level events on the map and in the video preview window.


  • HD Video & Telematics Data – Automatically uploaded upon triggered event.

HD Video & Telematics Data

  • Track Report – Shows you the latest known position & status of your vehicles with the ability to modify & refine your search criteria.


  • Trace Report – Shows you the complete journey history of each fleet vehicle detailing the start/stop time duration of the trip, and the mileage undertaken.

Trace Report

  • Vehicle/Driver Safety League Table including Speeding – This feature is often used as a driver behaviour training tool. Reports can be produced for your vehicles that will classify and list the scores by calculating the high, medium and low events as well as harsh acceleration, breaking and cornering versus the amount of miles traveled by each vehicle.

Vehicle/Driver Safety League Table including Speeding

  • Time Sheet Validation – Allows users to monitor and validate vehicle/driver work schedules.

Time Sheet Validation

  • Camera Configuration Module – This feature enables our customers to remotely change various settings within the camera including; g-force/trigger levels, time and length of video footage, continuous recording (on/off), panic button (on/off).
  • Staged levels of authorised access, from supervisor to administrator, enabling you and your colleagues to protect, monitor and manage your fleet more efficiently.
  • Significantly reduce Operational/Fleet insurance costs.
  • Complete Visibility over Fleet Operations – Enabling Risk Management Control.
  • First Notification of Loss – Immediate Claim Intervention.
  • Increased accuracy/admissible G-Force and GPS data required to defend or help mitigate third party repair costs or injury claims.
  • Prove innocence and what really happened.
  • Detect unsafe driving and driver training needs.
  • Alter driver behaviour.

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Driver Behaviour Management

Driver Behaviour Management should form an integral part of any Fleet Operators risk management programme. Not only do Fleet Operators have a duty of care to the general public ensuring that their drivers are operating in a responsible manner, they also have a duty to their employee drivers under HSE ‘Driving at Work’ guidelines.

By implementing Driver Behaviour Management, a business is able to fulfil all of its legal obligations relating to staff driving on behalf of your business, reduce vehicle collisions and associated costs, increase operational efficiency, control insurance premiums, minimise risks to staff, and ultimately protect your business brand.

The Sensify 3G Vehicle Camera and its associated software has been specifically designed to assist businesses in monitoring and recording driver related behaviours. This allows you to pro-actively act upon this data, make informed decisions on how to rectify negative aspects thus ensuring that you are acting as a responsible business and employer.

The following videos show examples of  drivers in different scenarios where their driving style has become increasingly erratic. By having a record of the previous bad driving events, intervention could have been made potentially avoiding the event occurring that caused irreparable damage to the vehicle and serious injury to the driver.

Below is an example of the ‘Vehicle/Driver Safety League Table’ including Speeding, that is produced through the Sensify Software. As shown, it ranks individual Vehicle/Drivers against specific driving behaviours:


Through having this data readily available to your business, fleet/transport managers can act quickly in identifying where driving problems are evident, and decisively rectify these problems through a pro-active approach, which may include additional driver training.

Claims Management

Sensify Telematics also works closely with Insurance and Claims Management Companies to seamlessly integrate the benefits of both superior Vehicle Camera Technology and the Claims Management Process. By adopting both of these invaluable risk management tools, FNOL (First Notification of Loss) – which is an accepted Insurance Industry Standard allows Insurers to immediately intervene in the claim process, thus reducing Loss Ratios and Claims Frequencies. An example of how this has been achieved with a large fleet operator is attached.

Video Footage

The video clips that are displayed are a variety of incidents and accidents that have been recorded by Sensify 3G vehicle cameras. In the event of a high incident or accident our customers are notified via email immediately, and within minutes will be able to view an HD quality video supported by detailed telemetry data. You will notice that the camera also picks up video footage of near misses, harsh breaking and events that are caused by other drivers. Not only will the instant notification and video footage enable you to defend or deal with a claim quickly but a lot of the footage can and is used by our customers as part of their driver training programs.

Taxi Hits Another Taxi in Rear

Taxi Hits Pedestrians at a Zebra Crossing

Taxi is hit by a spinning Van

Chicago Near Miss
Near Hit

Truck Rear Ends

Swerving Traffic Violation

Car Cuts in Front of Vehicle

Vehicle Runs Through a Barrier

Reckless Ford Focus driver seconds from disaster with truck

Reckless BMW driver in near miss with truck

Reckless Audi driver cuts in front of truck at roundabout

Truck driver mounts roundabout entrance

Cyclist pulls out into path of Taxi

Vehicle overturns when misjudging the height of car park

Driver causes multiple vehicle incident

Truck in near miss with cyclist at road

Taxi pulls out into oncoming vehicle

Van cuts across fully loaded truck at a roundabout

Truck aquaplanes on freeway in bad weather

Truck Driver slams in rear of another truck

 Red light violation.

The video footage contained within this website is not the sole property of Sensify Telematics. The video footage serves to offer a visual presentation and representation of the typical evidence and images that can be captured with vehicle safety cameras. Whilst we have ensured to the best of our knowledge correct commentary on the footage, we cannot offer details on any insurance claim outcome. The commentary and views expressed with the video footage is that of Sensify Telematics.